Monday, December 30, 2013


I have been on copaxone since 2001.

My last mri, which was January of this year showed no new or active lesions. 

I've talked to some people who said they couldn't do a shot everyday. I guess with me, it's mind over matter. I have soreness sometimes depending on where I do the shot; mostly my legs, but overall I just do it.

I will stay on copaxone for as long as it's doing what it is suppose to do. I started ampyra in March of 2010. When first starting it, I danced at an affair at least 5 times, my gait improved and my mobility. Since being on it for a while, it has sort of plateaued, but I still have some improvement since I have been on it. It is taken every 12 hours, and if I don't take it, I know that I haven't. I will continue on it as long as I can.

The other medicine I take is provigil for fatigue. I have never taken it as prescribed because to me it is a bit strong. I only take a half tablet if I want to stay up longer or have things I have to do in my house. For the burning, I take Neurontin occasionally. I take it only when the burning is really bad. I don't take any other medicine for my Multiple Sclerosis.

I take health supplements like vitamin B, omega 3, vitamin d, co-Q10.

Friday, October 4, 2013

This is Why it's Important to Attend Support Group Meetings & Have a Support Network of Friends: Care & Treatment Doesn't End at the Doctors

M. S. Support Group Meeting and Seminars

I attend a support group meeting every month. When I was first diagnosed, I went to a meeting, and it seemed everyone was afraid to talk about the issues they were having with m.s. After going a few times, I stopped. Fast forward to this year after moving to a different state, I ran across an article in a local paper...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Berlena Spencer-Staton, Columnist,

I went to a conference in Florida last Thursday.  Friday and Saturday were spent in meetings mostly.  There were people there who usually attend every year and could see that I have progressed.  I found myself not being as sociable as I usually am.

In a small setting and around my family and friends I am okay.  They know my struggle with ms, and have seen me at worst and my best.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Berlena Spencer-Staton, Columnist,

We are not alone!!

I attended an ms seminar on in Concord, N.C. Even though I've been diagnosed almost 20 years, it was so inspiring, and I really enjoyed it. There were people there with canes and in wheelchairs, and some walking with no assistance. I talked with a few people; some with some of the same issues I've experienced, and some had been diagnosed longer than I, and weren't even using a cane, but
were experiencing some of the same symptoms. Seeing this let me know and just confirmed that I am not alone.
There was a panel of 4 doctors, and my doctor happened to be one of the doctors. Clay Walker was the special guest, and he has been diagnosed for 16 years. He is a country and western singer, and he and his band tour all over to raise money and awareness about ms.

I've always talked about attitude being important when dealing with ms, but one thing Clay said is he believes WILL, not ATTITUDE, and that action comes from will, and that from every action there is a reaction.

For people with memory issues, he suggested a book called Moon Walking with Einstein.
He talked about how this book helped him with memory issues. It was a great evening. I am so glad I went.

Monday, July 22, 2013


(Berlena Spencer-Staton, Columnist, MS News Channel)

This morning while looking in a chest I hadn't been in for a while, I found a journal I started when I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I started out with one injection called avonex in 1999, and I listed every side effect I felt from the injection, even having a tightening in my chest. I had tremors really bad then, and there was an entry on February 15, 1999 that I felt as if I couldn't go on.